Our Export Wing

electrical, switchgear & control panel parts
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We supply a wide range of Electrical, Switchgear & Control Panel Parts.
We provide high quality components in any desired quantity and in shortest delivery time.
We are known as a single reliable resource among manufacturers and have thereby a long list of satisfied client-base.

Manufacturing Advantage

The Group also has special expertise in manufacturing electrical molding components as per customer demand.
Being in the plastic molding field for over more than two decades we have gained vast experience by handling various complicated jobs and have thereby become a name to be remembered first for any critical product.

  • 1 Electrical Metal Accessories -

    wide range of copper, brass & phosphorus bronze components including glands for various types of cables and neutral links, earthling accessories, contact plates, etc. (with or without silver, nikel, crome plating)

  • 2 Electrical Terminals -

    crimping ring, tongue fork, pin type, snap on, soldering type (copper). aluminum base reducer terminals (tin plated, soft annealed, with and without insulation for light and heavy duty applications)

  • 3 Control Panel Hardware -

    metal & plastic locks with and without keys, metallic and non metallic hinge etc. for electrical, switchgear, measuring and control panel manufacturing industries.

  • 4 Electrical Connectors & Links -

    made out of brass, polymide, dmc, bakelite, urea, ppfr, abs, etc. for electrical, switchgear, measuring and control panel, appliances, automobiles, etc. manufacturing industries.

  • 5 Transformer and Accessories -

    different types of transformers, dmc bus bar support with various designs, mcb blanker plates, nylon cable glands, conduit pipes, cable ties, air vents and many more plastic and bakelite, urea items.